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Today let's get acquainted with Bamboo:

Just exactly what is Bamboo ? How and where does it grow? Bamboo is not a member of any tree family as many might think, but is actually a member of the grass family species called Poaceae. There are literally 100's of different varieties of Bamboo grass found growing in various countries around the world. Bamboo can grow at different altitudes and under many different climate conditions, however it prefers tropical climates as found in S.E. Asia and China. There are some strains of Bamboo that flowers every 12 months and other strains that only flower in half century intervals, or around every 50 - 60 years. Bamboo is anti-fungal in it's natural state so therefore it requires no pesticides or herbicides in order to grow and remain healthy. In other words it can successfully thrive in it's own natural environment. Bamboo is one of the most abundant natural plant resources on earth. When ever we use the term "Green," you can't get any greener than Bamboo as it is one of natures most sustainable resources. The fact is, Bamboo can be harvested and brought to market every 4 to 5 years, whereas commercial tree forests can take anywhere from 25 - 50 years to be harvested commercially. In the next post we'll discuss present day and future uses of Bamboo.