Lucky Bamboo - Lucky or Not?

This small plant known by most people as Lucky Bamboo, was first introduced at garden center gift stores sometime around the mid '90's. However, the plants are really not Bamboo at all, but are a member of the Dracena family. Hmm - they still look like bamboo to me.  Care for the small indoor plants couldn't be any easier as they will grow in a vase or glass of water with  small pebbles to keep the stalks in an upright position. The stalk of the plants are about the diameter of a nickel or dime, have an upright green stem and offer graceful arching green fronds that taper upward to a point. Just keep your plant in a nice bright location (no direct sun) and you'll be good to go. Lucky Bamboo or Lucky Dracena - you make the call, either way, we wish nothing but the best of luck to you dear reader.