Bamboo Buzz

Nope. You won't find slivers of bamboo in your cocktail glass the next time that you go to your favorite night spot. However this doesn't mean that what you are drinking is not made from bamboo. Bamboo can be used to make several different types of alcoholic beverages. Baijiu and Chu Yeh Ching are two varieties that are made by fermenting bamboo thus creating their alcohol base. One wise old oriental man once said, "If we drink enough Chu Ching, we can solve anything."

If you have ever had a "green beer" on Saint Paddy's Day, you just might have drank a bamboo beer. Some brewers will make a special batch of beer with bamboo leaves to give it a more natural green color, not that green dye #7 look. If you should drink too much of this holiday brew, beware of the green stream when using the bathroom.